Risk factors versus the wellbeing of pregnant women

Today, at Best Doctors Blog we are analysing the importance of health during what is a special time for women – their pregnancy. It is a period in which there are significant changes in a woman’s life: physical, hormonal and dietary, which can cause a considerable deterioration in the mother’s future health.

It does not come as a surprise that the probability of a woman suffering from depression increases just as much during pregnancy, as after it (the well-known postnatal depression). Postpartum depression may occur as a direct result of hormonal changes, the effects of stress, physical changes experienced by pregnant women or even due to some environmental factors.

What factors can give rise to health problems? According to a number of studies and specialists, the conclusion that can be made is that there are numerous factors that can affect this deterioration of health. Some of the main causes of these problems are the following: Weight gain and physical changes Eating problems Lack of physical exercise Although, as stated by the experts, we must also take into account other risk factors when analysing episodes of mood swings in pregnant women. -       Unwanted pregnancies: in this case, the fact that the situation is not expected can greatly affect the mental state of patients. -       Stressful events Read more