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There are many barriers to diagnostic accuracy, like time pressures on physicians, availability of specialists and fragmented care.

That’s why it’s crucial for patients to find the doctor who is right for them and their condition. Some of the characteristics often shared by best physicians are: Board-certified and up-to-date on the latest medical research. Published in prominent medical journals. Affiliated with centers of excellence in the medical world. Recognized by other physicians for their expertise in a specialty. Open to partnering with other physicians to best serve their patients. Best Doctors has an unparalleled process that enables us to allow only the best minds in medicine to consult on our cases. We start by asking, “If you or a Read more

European patients’ day 2013: remembering our rights and responsibilities

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Today is not only an important day for patients, but also for physicians. The reason being that today, April 18, marks the European Patients’ Rights Day, an initiative undertaken by ACN (Active Citizenship Network) in 2007, which since then has been supported by the European Parliament.

We are all patients  Who has not been a patient at some time in their lives? Who has not felt vulnerable by having to depend on other people to have their health looked after? Suffering a disease is an unpleasant experience, in the face of which society and doctors should do their best. In order to do this, it is essential that we give serious thought to the patients’ problems as well as to the importance of their protection. According to the European Charter of Patients' Rights, all patients have the right to the following: 1. To prevention 2. To receive medical treatment, without Read more