Kinesiology offers new solutions for burned patients

The skin, the largest and most complex organ in our body, performs several vital functions. Among other things, it is very important for human behaviour because it is directly related to the physical appearance. We know that the discomfort and psycho-emotional effects are frequently more serious than the physical changes caused by the disease, interfering negatively in the quality of life of the individual.

It is here that dermato-functional physical therapy (kinesiology) intervenes. This is a new area of physiotherapy which deals with examining and treating disruptions that are based on alterations in the functionality of the tegumentary (skin) system. Through a therapeutic relationship and based on the psycho-physical and social conditions, it seeks to stimulate, improve or adapt to the individual so that he or she can have a better quality of life. The involvement of dermato-functional physical therapy is divided into two main sections: reconstructive and cosmetic. We are now going to focus on the first one, particularly in the rehabilitation of burned Read more