50 years of innovation and fight against smoking

On the 11th of January, it was exactly 50 years since Luther Terry, Director General of Public Health in the U.S., publicly stated for the first time that smoking could lead to cancer, heart problems and even death.

This statement was supported by the report of smoking and health, a document of over 7,000 scientific articles, marking the beginning of the global fight against smoking.

Great advances have been made in the fight against smoking in this half century. Among other achievements, the number of smokers in the United States has decreased by 59%, according to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) reports.  Nowadays it is still necessary to fight tobacco  If we delve deeper into the data of one of the main tobacco markets in the world, USA, the highlighting fact is that currently only 18% of the population smokes, which equates to a total of 44 million people who still suffer health risks as a result of smoking, many governments and companies have spent Read more

Protecting our health from the dangers of winter

According to some experts, the impact of respiratory diseases on our health can be increased by approximately 30% during the winter season. However, apart from these illnesses, there are others that are prevalent at this time of year.

Not surprisingly, the groups more significantly at risk of suffering health problems during these months are the most vulnerable ones: infants, young children, chronically ill and elderly people. These are the people that must take more precautions so as not aggravate minor illnesses, which could subsequently take a turn for the worse.

Before going any further, let's review some of the health problems that go hand in hand with winter and cold weather: Respiratory diseases such as the flu, colds, bronchitis and pneumonia are some of the most common conditions, which are largely preventable if appropriate recommendations are followed. It is advisable to keep our doctor abreast of our symptoms and, if we are more vulnerable to sickness, we should be vaccinated annually against influenza (flu). Circulation problems: low temperatures can make our blood flow slower, which can become a threat for those patients with ischaemia (insufficient supply of blood to an organ, usually due Read more