Top 5 reasons not to turn a blind eye to getting some shut-eye

Woman sitting on her bed feeling very tired

Our daily responsibilities and societal expectations have a huge effect on our health. We are surrounded by pollution, unhealthy temptations, additives, and daily tasks that are high stress inducers. Healthy fads come and go but what remains constant is the profound importance of sleep.

Best Doctors takes a closer look at the top 5 reasons not to turn a blind eye to getting some shut-eye. Humans spend an average of 36% of our entire lives sleeping. Medical professionals recommend that the average adult should sleep between 7 to 9 hours a night. We are wired to recharge our batteries and when we take this seriously, the health benefits are enormous. 1. The University of Rochester Medical Centre conducted a study that revealed that sleeping quite literally helps clean the brain. When we are getting our Zzzs our brain is flushed with fluids that help clear Read more