Childhood asthma and the effects of smoking on its development

There is a new mathematical model that currently allows us to predict the effects that smoking will have on children who suffer from asthma. This is, without a doubt, important news for the medical community and parents alike, insofar as it enables us to assess to what extent the quality of our children’s respiratory function is guaranteed.

The study, carried out by professionals from Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute and the University of Barcelona, was published in the prestigious Journal of Statistics in Medical Research.

The research conducted in these two centres has made it possible to estimate the possible risk of asthma in children through the analysis of different risk factors, as well as data from other studies that link asthma, the most common chronic disease among children, to certain environmental factors. The relevance of this research lies in the fact that, despite asthma being one of the most studied childhood diseases, the medical community has not had statistical simulations that enabled an accurate forecast of the possible evolution of this pathology in childhood patients in Europe until now. According to the findings of the study, Read more

Lung cancer awareness week

At Best Doctors, we believe it is important to spend time getting to know more about diseases and to disclose accurate and verified medical information about them, in order to help patients to get involved in their own health, diagnosis and treatment.

That is why today we are spreading the word of the Tenth European Week Against Lung Cancer which is to be held between the 10th and the 17th of September with various activities and initiatives in different European countries.

Since its inception 24 years ago, the "European Week Against Cancer" has been clearly focused on the prevention of a disease that many experts link to a greater control of smoking as well as healthy lifestyle habits that ensure greater preparation of the body to be able to deal with any medical eventuality. As for lung cancer, we must remember that smoking is one of its main causes. Not surprisingly, about 95% of people suffering from the disease are smokers or former smokers, a fact that many governments and institutions worldwide must manage in order to improve the health of its Read more

Hypertension and new treatments

We commonly refer to hypertension as the blood pressure levels that are above those that are considered healthy for the human body.

What exactly is blood pressure? Blood pressure measures the force of the blood pumped from the heart against the walls of the arteries with the aid of a blood pressure monitor. The blood pressure reading (sphygmomanometre, as it is normally called) gives us two results: • Systolic pressure, which is usually 120 mmHg in a healthy patient while resting. • Diastolic pressure, which is usually 80 mmHg in normal conditions. It is usual to talk about the combined figure, 120/80 or 12/8, with the millimetres of mercury (mmHg) being the most common unit of measurement. When is there hypertension? We can consider that there is hypertension Read more