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Nina: repeat pathology detects cancer

When her mammogram results revealed abnormalities, Nina was called in for repeat testing, yet was told that there was no evidence of cancer and that nothing further was necessary. Nina remained uneasy and reached out to Best Doctors for advice. Best Doctors collected her complete records and test results and conducted an expert pathology review, which identified invasive cancer. Nina’s case was then immediately sent to a top oncologist who explained the necessary testing which she would need to have done and provided step-by-step treatment recommendations based upon the results. Nina is currently undergoing the recommended surgery and radiation and is extremely thankful to Best Doctors for its dedicated service, clear and comprehensive expert report and, most of all, for a potentially life-saving change in diagnosis.

Jennifer: reassurance on treatment After breast cancer surgery, Jennifer was informed that the cancer had not yet spread to her lymph nodes but that it was getting close. Given various treatment options, she and her husband were unsure. After collecting all of her medical records and retesting her pathology, the Best Doctors specialist confirmed that, given her case, there was a much greater benefit from radiotherapy and medication than surgery. Jennifer was therefore able to receive input from a world renowned specialist who helped her feel secure that she was following the best possible treatment plan. In their own words: two more Read more

Best Doctors can change your story’s ending

Congenital heart defects in newborns are among the most serious problems that parents can face.  This is a very emotional time when you need to be able to count on all the help and support possible.

Best Doctors is there when you need it most.  New-born Eva was already receiving terminal care, but thanks to the experts at Best Doctors, a second opinion and a change of treatment, Eva survived. In 2014, one out of every four Best Doctors members in Europe and Australasia who asked for a second opinion about their heart disease was recommended a different treatment plan which could improve their condition.  Have a look at this video to see how we can help: Read more