June 6 – World Transplant Day

World Transplant Day takes place today, 6th of June, a date which serves as a reminder that there are thousands of people around the world that continue to live thanks to organs donated by other people.

Fortunately, medical advances have ensured that the health of those who have undergone a transplant is getting better each day, as well as providing the patient with an opportunity to lead an almost normal life, depending on the specific circumstances of each case and, of course, the organ transplanted.

The WHO is aware of the importance of transplants in global health policies, which is one of the reasons why this year it has created an expert committee with the goal of joining forces, as well as having the leadership of a global head of transplants, a position for which a Spaniard, José Ramón Núñez, has been chosen. Encouraging data  According to figures from the World Transplant Registry, which are reflected in the Newsletter Transplant, the number of global transplants in 2012 increased by almost 3% compared with those made in 2011, reaching a figure of 106,879 operations. According to the WHO, the Read more