Love Potion: The chemical concoction that love induces in the human body

Couple laughing and in love holding a red heart

Happy Valentine’s Day! For many of us today is a day to celebrate the love we share with our partners – and for some others it’s the ideal time of year to complain about not having one. Nonetheless, independently of your current status – the chemical effects that love has on our bodies is undeniable. Scientists have proven that love deeply affects us physically and that when we do find it, it feels oh so good.

Researchers have spent time analysing the increase of chemicals that are released in the brain when we fall in love. Dopamine plays a large role in the overwhelming feeling of “not being able to get enough” of another person. This chemical controls the level of pleasure we feel and is normally associated with more negative addictions such as drug use or gambling. When we find our significant other and dopamine levels increase, a couple will feel enamoured and revitalised. This sensation is arguably the feeling of become quite literally addicted to the one another. Helen Fisher, PhD explained to Read more