Take care of your liver, as you only have the one

The adult liver, which is responsible for a large number of chemical processes and metabolic functions, weighs about 1.5 kg. It is, without a doubt, a complex and fascinating organ. Thus, we could say that it is a great filter where most of the toxins and chemicals in our body such as alcohol, pesticides and some drugs are neutralised. 

Even though the liver is able to deal with these substances, if we make it "work" too much, it may be harmful to our health. Therefore, as is customary in this blog, we remind you that prevention is the best therapy for the health of each and every one of our organs. Food that will sit well with your liver On the other side of the scales in the fight against these harmful substances, there are several foods that can help us protect the health of this "natural filter" - some fruits and vegetables such as artichokes, chicory or escarole, for example. Artichoke: Read more