Improving the health of our heart one step at a time

It is clear that exercise, in moderation, improves our health, even though it can sometimes be difficult to find the ideal time and place (gymnasium, swimming pool, sports centre, etc.) to do sport on a regular basis.

Fortunately, there are physical activities that are always within reach and can be very good for the health of our heart – walking, for instance.

100 muscles in movement Incredible as it may seem, an apparently simple activity like walking requires the involvement of 100 muscles in our body. For example, the simple movement of one of our feet is powered by 40 muscles as well as approximately 200 ligaments. According to cardiologists, this complex symphony of muscles provides us with the following great advantages in improving the health of our heart: - It strengthens our heart muscle and lungs, which helps to improve the circulation. - It reduces blood pressure. - It reduces mortality rate: the people who walk less than 8 kilometres a week have double the risk Read more