Women suffering heart attacks more likely to be misdiagnosed

Woman in hospital coat holding a blue paper heart with question mark

We tend to think that people who suffer heart attacks are middle aged, overweight men, but it’s something that can happen to anyone. In many cases, the symptoms of a heart attack remain unrecognized and study shows that 30% of people were misdiagnosed, of which most were women.

Researchers from the University of Leeds studied 600,000 heart attack patients over nine years, revealing the abovementioned worrying number. It seems that the source of this problem is the lack of education and awareness among the public, but also among doctors. Women don’t recognize they are having a heart attack and go to their GP instead of A&E directly, resulting in a late diagnosis. Heart attack A heart attack occurs when the oxygen-rich blood flow to our heart muscle gets blocked or severely reduced, and strikes someone every 43 seconds. Symptoms can vary, but common signs are tightness, pain or a burning Read more