Telemedicine: a real option


It’s a well known fact that technology and medicine go hand in hand. In recent times there have been encouraging and interesting developments with regard to devices and technologies associated with telemedicine.

Health professionals have come a long way with reference to these developments over the years, and this has led to an opening up of a host of new opportunities for the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients. In addition to this, it has also improved the quality of life of people with mobility problems –they are able to have a much more comfortable and direct contact with their doctor.


Preventing sudden death

Remote monitoring of some patients with heart problems who carry an automatic defibrillator and who are at risk of sudden death is one of the applications for which eHealth is finding a more favourable development.

In these cases, the medical programme is carried out via a telemedicine terminal, which connects to the Internet in order to transmit over the network all the information supplied by the defibrillator, including all the biological variables of the patient that determine the state of their heart in real time and the potential risk of sudden death. This data is sent directly to the computer of the doctor who is monitoring the patient, thereby preventing a fatal outcome in the event of a problem with the patient.

The European Telemedicine Conference to be held in the UK this year

The commitment of the European countries with the technological advances in medicine will come together in Britain this autumn. The European Telemedicine Conference will take place in Edinburgh, Scotland on the 29th and 30th of October. It will be an excellent opportunity for physicians to learn about the latest developments, to share experiences and to continue to progress in the implementation of these technologies to improve health care quality.

Telemedicine grows in spite of the crisis

Although divestments and cuts are taking place in other types of areas, the budget is being increased as far as telemedicine is concerned. According to health authorities, the global investment in telemedicine has grown in the last 3 years, going from $9,800 million in 2010, to a total of $11,600 million in 2011, whereas annual growth estimates of the market of sanitary digital applications has been estimated at approximately $22,900 million from now/today until 2017.

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