The Recover Foundation Telecare/Health 2.0 project selected by the Botín Foundation


As we have mentioned previously in this blog, Best Doctors works closely with the Recover Foundation, an organisation whose main objective is to reduce the deficiencies of health services that affect a large part of the population on the African continent.

At Best Doctors we are delighted to be able to collaborate in solidarity projects. For this reason, we are proud that the Recover Foundation has been acknowledged by an institution such as the Botín Foundation for its innovation, sustainability and significant social impact in the field of international cooperation.

Aside from this recognition, what is truly important in this case is the economic contribution that the Botín Foundation makes in projects of this type.

Understanding the Telecare project and Health 2.0

This exciting Recover Foundation project was launched in 2009. It is a social network with a similar operating scheme to Facebook which is aimed at providing continuous training to health care professionals in order to save as many lives as possible.  

The most important aspect of this project is, without a doubt, being able to combine medical training, research and health care for high-needs patients in an initiative that, in the near future, is going to greatly improve the care of African patients with lower economic capacity.

At Best Doctors we are pleased to have been able to collaborate in this project through Medting, our social network, which has helped to bring into contact more than one hundred Spanish specialist doctor volunteers with African hospitals.

In the words of Marina Camps, Recover Foundation Director: “In only 15 minutes, the Spanish physicians are in a position to make a diagnosis through access to the patient’s medical history, which is posted on the network by African doctors. It is a simple and fast process, and may result in saving the patient’s life.”

The Botín Foundation and Solidarity Talent

The Botín Foundation was created in 1964 with the mission of contributing to the integrated development of society, detecting and focusing on creative talent, and exploring new ways to generate cultural, social and economic wealth.

Within the overall objectives of the foundation, the goal of the Solidarity Talent Programme is to be of assistance to social organisations when hiring personnel to collaborate in the creation and launch of social projects.

At Best Doctors we are convinced that this project, thanks to the support of the Botín Foundation, has a bright future ahead, in so far as that it will become a great platform to unite the talent and dedication of the medical professional volunteers with poor patients’ health care needs in one of the continents most affected by disease.

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