The telephone – a great medical response for patients with musculoskeletal disorders


The musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), which may affect bones, muscles, tendons, joints, ligaments and nerves represent one of the major health problems in our society on account of the high costs of diagnosis and treatment.

In response to problems of this kind, medical support over the phone appears to be a viable and efficient solution in terms of cost-benefit, as it serves to identify the needs of the patient prior to a face to face consultation with the doctor.

In this way, the required treatment or care can be provided right away, thus saving time and financial resources. According to satisfaction surveys regarding this sort of help, this method comes with a high degree of approval from patients.

The advantages of telephone medical assistance

This kind of service has already proved a real success in countries like UK, Australia, Canada, Sweden, USA, New Zealand and Denmark where it has reduced the demand for medical visits by 28% since starting to offer telephone support. 

Reasons for its success:

–       Flexible hours of care and the ability to access the service from anywhere, including our home

–       Improving doctor/patient time (telephone inquiries are usually more focused on the particular problem rather than from a general viewpoint)

–       Reduced waiting time for patients

–       Strengthening patients’ capacity to get to know their medical problem, enabling them to share in the management of their health

Paradoxically, despite the fact that there is more and more medical information available, but not always reliable, the demand for face to face consultations with doctors has increased in recent years. Faced with this reality, the call centre could be an efficient alternative that may be of help in many cases. 

In addition to the advantages of this type of service, we must add the special emphasis placed on the care and responsibility of the patient with their injury, so that the results can be even more beneficial to both patients and the medical community. 

Without going into further detail, in the vast majority of cases of back pain some telephone advice about habits and postures could be as effective as physical therapy.

TraumaCare® – all the attention you need is just a click away

At Best Doctors we have a commitment to your health and comfort. The fact is that so much can be done with minimal effort on your part. We offer you TraumaCare ® – a service that, in the event of an accident, provides you with all the facilities to make a correct diagnosis and treatment more accessible.

All that is required is your completion of an online form and a nurse from Best Doctors will get in touch with you in order to gather up your medical documents. The nurse will then send all the relevant details to the necessary medical specialists, and following that process will give you a single and comprehensive report with conclusions about your diagnosis. This is all carried out without causing you any inconvenience. 

Photo: Colin Natali, BSc (Hons) MB BS (Lon) FRCS (Eng) and (Orth)
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Princess Grace Hospital and Lister Hospital

Creator of Best Doctors ‘Telephone Support for muscoskeletal injuries in UK White Paper’

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