World Blood Donor Day 2017

  • 108 million blood donations are collected globally, half of these are in high-income countries.
  • Blood donation by 1% of the population can meet a nation’s most basic requirements for blood.
  • 62 countries collect 100% of their blood supply from voluntary, unpaid blood donors.

Tomorrow we celebrate World Blood Donor Day to commemorate the millions of lives saved thanks to the solidarity of those who share their blood to help another.

In a world that is in a constant state of volatility, the World Health Organisation has chosen to focus this year’s event on preparing to be able to provide sufficient blood during emergencies. Millions of people are affected by emergencies every year including natural disasters, disease epidemics, road accidents and armed conflicts. “In the last decade, disasters have caused more than 1 million deaths, with more than 250 million people being affected by emergencies every year.” – The World Health Organisation

In a time of crisis many of us are not sure what we can do to actively help during an emergency situation. The slogan for this year’s World Blood Donor Day is “What can you do? Give blood. Give now. Give often.” The objective is to reiterate that donating blood is one of the most impactful things an individual can do when crisis strikes. In addition, WHO has also made great effort to point out that it is vital that we donate blood in preparation for possible future crises which means several times during the year – not only after an emergency has transpired.

The campaign’s objectives include engaging authorities around the world to invest in improving their national blood donor programmes in order to better address the necessities of their populations in time of dire need. Blood transfusions can save thousands of lives and the WHO believes that countries can change the future vitality of their people if the necessary preparations for this need are addressed. Together we can support this year’s campaign by celebrating those who have donated blood to help others and encourage those around us to partake in regular blood donations to help increase blood safety and availability.

Like most of WHO’s world days, World Blood Donor Day will be celebrated simultaneously all over the world on the 14th of June. However, this event will also be officially, physically, hosted in Viet Nam through its National Institute of Haematology and Blood Transfusion (NIHBT).

For more information about the World Health Organisation’s World Blood Day 2017 we invite you to download their official informative PDF.


WHO Official World Blood Donor Day Website

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